iGAP Technologies' - ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning by iGAP Technologies is performed in a very sophisticated manner. We believe in personalised ERP instead of SAAS based solution. Custom ERP gives you an upper hand to customise the ERP features according to your requirement. iGAP Technologies customises renowned ERPs in the market to best suite your business. We also build custom ERP from scratch as per business demand.

Custom ERP Development Is On Rise

As per the below bar graph, Custom ERP Development is way ahead to other available ERP solutions in the market.

Did you know

55 % Of ERP Cost Overruns

As per 2015-16 Worldwide Survey

Function Of iGAP Technologies' ERP Solutions

These are many many functions available in our ERP solution. We can only list here few -

Supply Chain Management

Customer Relationship Management

Financial Management

Human Resource Management

Manufacturing Resource Planning

Why iGAP's ERP?