Did You Know

40 % of
Enterprises Globally
prefer Custom Development Over Branded ERP's

As per 2015-16 Worldwide Survey

Why Should You Choose Custom Development

Cost Benefits

It is globally proved that custom development has its own cost benefits compare to purchasing an ERP.

Custom Features

The freedom to modify standard features and add custom features as per your requirement.


It will be an intellectual property of the customer, the codes, data, concept, everything.

What Are Our Offerings

Cloud Development/Cross Platform

At the end of 20th Century, we have witnessed dot-com bubble. The commercial growth of Internet & World Wide Web. From then to Cloud Computing these days, we have seen a lot. Our cloud development offers the best tools in the market, not only for the development but also for the data storage. We are proud partner of Amazon Cloud Services. For the development, we are masters of open source development languages like PHP, JAVA, Python, Ruby on Rails. Our systems are designed in such a way that you can access it on desktop, mobile & tablet, any operating system, any browser seamlessly. API integrations with different resources are one of the keen areas we look forward to. Suggest the best in the market and incorporate client's requirement with that is something we love to do.

Standalone Development

There are still organisation's who loves Standalone Development, who want that rigid based development. For them, we have team who loves working on standalone applications. Java, C++, Node.js (recently) are part of those development, as we are committed to open source technologies. Our Standalone Development is made in such a way that it should communicate with cloud with ease. We do create our own API to communicate it with any other cloud solution of yours. Would like to have your own ERP? Go for Standalone development.

Why iGAP Custom Development